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Costs & Timeline

Now accepting applications from Iraq!

Citizens of the Republic of Iraq are now eligible to apply for citizenship under the Citizenship by Investment Programme (CIP). Read the full article here.

Investment Options

The citizenship program of Antigua and Barbuda requires making an economic contribution to the country. In exchange, the applicants and their families are granted full citizenship. Citizenship can be obtained through three different forms:

  • The purchase of Real Estate.
  • A financial contribution to theNational Development Fund (NDF).
  • Via Investing in a business.

Option 1 - Real Estate

Citizenship can be obtained via the purchase of a property for a minimum investment of USD 400,000 in a Government approved project. An initial deposit of approximately USD 15,000 or 10% (depending on the developer) is payable upon reservation of the property and the balance is payable once Citizenship is approved. In order to obtain the Citizenship the applicant must obtain the title deed of the property. The property should be retained for a minimum of five (5) years. During the five years, the property may be sold as long as the citizen acquires another property for at least USD 400,000.

GOVERNMENT PROCESSING FEES (Payable upon citizenship approval)

USD 50,000 for the main applicant
USD 50,000 for the spouse
USD 25,000 for each child under 18 years of age
USD 50,000 for each unmarried dependent aged between 18 and 25
USD 50,000 for elderly parents aged above 65 financially dependent on the main applicant

Option 2 - National Development Fund (NDF)

Financial contribution to the National Development Fund (NDF) in the amount of USD 250,000 for a single applicant plus Government Fees.

Background checks fees are additional to any of the above economic contributions or investment above mentioned and costs are as follows:

USD 7,500 for the main applicant
USD 7,500 for the spouse
USD 2,000 per dependent child aged between 12 to 17
USD 4,000 per dependent child aged between 18 to 25
USD 4,000 per dependent parent aged over 65
Application Fees

Further minor fees such as Official Government Citizenship Application Form, Citizenship Certificate and expedited passport fees are additional and subject to change, therefore prior verification with a CI representative is required.

Please note that the timelines are a guideline as processing times may vary depending on each individual case and the Government policy. This will be not the legal responsibility of CI. The grant of citizenship is at the sole discretion of the Government of Antigua and Barbuda but, generally, the application is only denied if the due diligence reveals that the applicant has made false statements in the application forms or other submitted documents; has engaged in criminal activities or is under investigation in relation to criminal activities; or has (or is alleged to have been) engaged in or associated with any activity that would bring disrepute to Antigua and Barbuda.

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