About Panama

Panama is a safe country with beautiful white beaches, excellent infrastructure, a modern, sophisticated capital city with every imaginable luxury, hundreds of multinational businesses and most importantly charming welcoming people.

The Republic of Panama, between Colombia and Costa Rica, has a population of just over 3.4m and a land area of 76,000 sq km. The climate is tropical. Panama is a stable sovereign democracy with a presidential style of government. Spanish is the official language but English is a common second language spoken by most Panamanians. Panama's currency is effectively the US dollar, with the official Balboa pegged to the dollar but used only for small transactions.

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Panama possesses a privileged geographical location, it is situated between North and South America and the Panama Canal links the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific which makes it an unmatchable business hub. Panama has become one of the most important logistic centres of the Western Hemisphere for the storing and distribution of world cargo, a bridge for the mobilization of passengers to the entire American Continent and facilitator of efficient and modern communication services. As a commerce promoter, both nationally and internationally, Panama enjoys political, social and economic stability.

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