Costs & Timeline

The applicant can bring his dependent family members into the country. Children from the age of 18 to 25 shall present a certification that they are non-married and currently enrolled in continuous studies. The permit is granted for five years, and a special Panamanian passport is issued for the same period of time. After 5 years it can be renewed, together with the deposit agreement.

The deposited funds belong to the applicant as well as the interests gained which are payable in a monthly, quarterly or annually basis. The passport allows its holder to travel to approximately 100 countries included Europe, the same countries than any Panamanian national.

Citizenship Investment Process
Week 1 Step 1
Applicant signs retainer agreement and a limited power of attorney for CI executes immigration proceedings in Panama and opens the bank account. If required, CI will obtain tourist visa to travel at the time of collecting the passport.
Week 2 Step 2
CI opens bank account and provides Client with official bank confirmation including account details. The applicant transfers the required funds. Upon applicant confirmation of transfer, CI obtain bank certificate for the immigration department as part of residency application documents.
Week 3 Step 3
Once CI obtains residency and passport approval, applicant travels to Panama to get the picture taken and collect the passport in person. Tourist visa would have been processed and ready at the time of travel.
Please note that this is a guideline, processing times may vary depending on each individual case and the government policy. This will be not the legal responsibility of CI.
Application Fees For Family Includes:
Fees National Treasury
Fees Immigration Department
Fees Ministry of Foreign Affairs Panama
Legalization, authentication and notarizations with Consulate of Panama
Courier Fees & Tourists visa
Legal Fees
Application fees charged by the Panama government and professional fees charged by CI are subject to change, therefore contact one of CI representatives for most up-to-date information.
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