Panama Citizenship Program

Panama is a safe country with beautiful white beaches, excellent infrastructure, a modern, sophisticated capital city with every imaginable luxury, hundreds of multinational businesses and most importantly charming welcoming people.

The Republic of Panama, between Colombia and Costa Rica, has a population of just over 3.4m and a land area of 76,000 sq km. The climate is tropical. Panama is a stable sovereign democracy with a presidential style of government. Spanish is the official language but English is a common second language spoken by most Panamanians. Panama's currency is effectively the US dollar, with the official Balboa pegged to the dollar but used only for small transactions.

To obtain the Panama Passport by law it is required an investment of USD 350,000 into a fix deposit account with one of the Governmental banks in Panama. Please note this Panama Passport Program does not lead to Panama Citizenship. The passport granted is a Travel Passport which enables you to you travel to 100 countries included the European Union.
*This would be subject to applicable interest rates at the time of application.

Benefits of the program

  • Reputable Instant Passport in 5 months
  • No investment required – simply deposit funds in your personal bank account in Panama (gaining interest)
  • Wife, Children (up to 25) and parents also benefit
  • Visa free travel to major countries including Europe and most of the Latin American continent
  • Tax Haven - No capital gains tax, no tax on interest, no income tax, no inheritance tax on foreign capital
  • You do not need to reside in Panama
  • You obtain immediate Residency
  • Numerous major business advantages – Panama Canal and second largest Duty Free zone in the world


Panama Program Overview

  • Description of Program: Residency and Passport
  • Timeline: 5 months
  • Investment: USD 350,000 
  • Form of Investment: Fixed deposit in a personal savings account for 5 years with interest gains of approx 3% per annum
  • Number of Countries visa free: 100    (included 27 European Schengen Countries)
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