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Where do I renew it?

I ran out of pages, how do I get more?

I lost my passport, what should I do now?

I have my residency visa stamped in my current passport, how do I transfer it?

For us, it is not only about processing a second citizenship and a passport for our clients, but it is about the ongoing support they need after they obtain it. We extend our hand to help our clients with further inquiries and necessary services associated with your second citizenship. Feel at peace, always.

Citizenship By Investment

Second Passport renewal

You don’t need to go anywhere else but us once your second passport expires. We would prepare the required documents to obtain your new passport. We apply on your behalf in your country of citizenship and you can collect it from our offices. Alternatively, you can do it directly with the consulate.

Citizenship By Investment

Passport replacement

Have you lost your new second passport? Well, there is nothing to stress about. We can obtain a replacement passport within record time. We keep our clients’ files in our archives which makes the process faster and easier. Alternatively, you can do it directly at the closest consulate to your country.

Citizenship By Investment

Residency visa transfer

You wonder how the Government where you reside reacts to the fact that you now have another citizenship and want your visa to be transferred? Save yourself this stress. Together, with your second citizenship certificate and passport, we ensure that our clients are also issued a Non-Objection Letter from the new Government of Citizenship and we also help them with their visa transfer.

Citizenship By Investment

Newborn baby processing

You now have a newborn baby and want him/her to also have the same citizenship. We are always happy for our clients when we hear the great news of new additions to the family. We ensure your new baby has a passport in less than one month.

Citizenship By Investment

New spouse processing

Congratulations on your marriage! Share now the amazing benefits of your second citizenship with your spouse. We process the citizenship and passport for your spouse in record time as a dependent under your application.

Citizenship By Investment

Bank Accounts Opening

Obtaining a bank account from the country of your new citizenship is a strategic move to manage your wealth efficiently.  In certain circumstances, we are able to assist with the opening of a personal bank in your country of citizenship without the need for you to be present.

Citizenship By Investment

Driving License & National ID Card

Obtaining a second form of identification such as a Driving License and/or a National ID Card is an invaluable part of your identity to leverage the benefits of your second citizenship. Citizenship Invest has special arrangements to source these on behalf of its clients in most countries.

If you wish to learn about our additional services please contact one of our Certified Consultants and they will be pleased to help you.