Career growth

I am a Palestinian national living in the UAE. I work for an international media company and was offered plenty of opportunities to grow and build a name for myself in the industry until I hit a wall. I was offered a career-changing position that required me to handle global markets. My Palestinian travel document did not allow me to travel freely to these markets. I found Citizenship Invest and they advised me to obtain a Dominican Passport which did not required me to move anywhere and gave me the ability to travel visa-free that I needed. Citizenship Invest’s guidance towards my second citizenship status put an end to the extreme hassle of applying for visas. My Dominican nationality was more than a convenient way to leverage the opportunities in life. It was my ticket for a better future.

From Bedoon to successful TV presenter

As a Kuwaiti Bedoon (stateless), my entire life was put on hold since even the simpler things were impossible for me. I could not open a bank account, I could not start a business, I even could not apply for a visa to live with my wife in Oman. Although my case was challenging Citizenship Invest changed all that for me. I was able to obtain the Dominica citizenship after Citizenship Invest put a strong case to the Dominica Government. I am now living in Oman with my wife. I also became a successful TV presenter, which allowed me to travel the world and cover international stories without even applying for a visa. All my life I was stateless. This radical change was something I could not have fathomed. Yet, Citizenship Invest helped me get there.

International trading

I spent many years stagnated and unable to grow my business in Kurdistan, Iraq. I knew that for a trader like myself, and whose nature of business depended on being in constant contact with contractors in China and Switzerland, I needed a second passport. I contacted Citizenship Invest and explained my problem and they were attentive and organized. Their team filed my application and kept tracing the funds until they reached the Grenada’s Government Bank account. Their transparency and diligence were crucial for me to proceed as I did not know anything about the process of obtaining a second citizenship through investment.


I have been living in the UAE for over 42 years. I am originally from Palestine and my family had moved to the UAE to escape the war back home. I was granted an Emirati nationality which was revoked by the time I got to University. I had to go to Jordan to get a form of travel document, but they would only give me a passport that needed to be renewed every year. I knew I had to find a permanent and convenient solution, and more importantly, I needed a passport that would not be revoked. Citizenship Invest gave me an opportunity to feel like I belong in this world as an appreciated human with rights. I am now a proud Dominican citizen.

Professional growth

As a top-level executive in the region, my Pakistani nationality has been posing a lot of challenges in my career. For a long time I knew that I need to obtain a second citizenship, but it really was a matter of finding an advisor who was both knowledgeable and trustworthy. I had done my research on second citizenship programs and met a couple of firms who said they could help, yet something made me put things to a halt until I found Citizenship Invest. Their knowledge and experience in the industry and the region, as well as their detailed comprehension of my case clearly showed that I should go forward with them. I can now say that I am a global citizenship because of Citizenship Invest’s support.

International singer

By the age of 25, singing and making music had become my main source of income. My family and I depended on it. As I progressed, I started headlining major events in my home country. Sure enough, I started getting requests to perform abroad. I had a lot of producers and event organizers asking me to perform in the UK, France, and Italy. Unfortunately, my passport did not allow me to travel easily to Europe. It felt like I was given my life opportunity, but my nationality was an obstacle that prevented me from grasping it. I had contacted Citizenship Invest. It was a dire time. However, the company assured me that my application for obtaining a Grenada citizenship was flawless and that it will go through. I had paid almost all the money I saved from my performances so far.  Within a 3 months period I get a call from Citizenship Invest. They were congratulating me on becoming a Grenadian citizen! I can now travel the world within a short notice.

Finishing Studies in the UK

I have always wanted to pursue my education in the UK. However, the main obstacle was my father’s nationality. We had an Iraqi passport and it was a limiting factor which made travelling and acquiring visas a very difficult process. My father knew how important it was for me to get a degree from the UK and he wanted the best for my education. We both realized that I would have less restrictions to obtain visas with another passport. We consulted with Citizenship Invest and within a period of four months, I was travelling Europe without even applying for a visa. I am now doing my master’s degree in London and I have the expertise of Citizenship Invest to thank.


I Lost all hope of becoming a global citizen after being deceived by a lawyer who was helping me obtain a Mexican passport. I had paid USD 40,000 only to realize that there is no such lawful citizenship program in Mexico. As time passed, a close friend of mine introduced me to Citizenship Invest. The company had over 10 years of experience in the field of second passport programs. They explained the process in complete detail and showed me all the citizenship legislations of the Governments which provided citizenship programs. They advise me to always request the legislations “if it is not in black and white it is not lawful” they said. The hope of getting a second citizenship was resurrected again, this time under the professional guidance of the team of Citizenship Invest. I am now a frequent traveler and I am enjoying the multiple benefits of a second legal passport.

Restaurant owner

My family and I have lived many years with limitations and restrictions. Although we had a good business in Lebanon, we found it increasingly difficult to branch out into major markets. After reading about Citizenship Invest in an article, and how some second passport programs can help business owners expand their businesses, we decided to give it a try. One of Citizenship Invest’s consultants flew in to meet me and my family in Lebanon. He explained all the benefits of obtaining a second passport. His knowledge of the industry and the proven track-record of successful applications that Citizenship Invest has handled made us feel comfortable and in good hands. I am now Saint Kitts citizen and I am opening the first branch of my restaurant in France.

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