Portugal Golden Visa:
Your Gateway to European Residency & Brighter Future

  • Gain residency in Portugal within 6 months without interviews or language requirements.
  • Explore the beauty and freedom of visa-free travel across 27 Schengen countries.
  • Enjoy the privilege of multiple entries into the Schengen area every 6 months.
  • Fulfill your dream of European living with no minimum stay requirements in Portugal
  • Accelerate your path to European citizenship with simplified residency prerequisites.
  • Extend the benefits by adding your family—spouses, and dependent children up to 18.
  • Investment starting from EUR 250,000 to obtain the golden visa residency.
CITIZENSHIP INVEST, your trusted partner, officially authorized by the Portuguese Government, guiding you every step of the way.
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The expertise and support from Citizenship Invest made my Golden Visa process seamless. Highly recommended for anyone pursuing European residency.

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My journey to Portuguese Residency was smooth and successful, thanks to the professional guidance of Citizenship Invest. Truly grateful for their support.

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Embrace Life in 27 European Countries

Obtain permanent residency in Portugal and live, work, and study freely across the EU, with the added benefit of visa-free travel.

Unlock European Mobility with a Portuguese Golden Visa

The Portuguese Residency by Investment unlocks boundless travel to 27 Schengen countries, including Austria, Belgium, Croatia, and more, enriching your life with diverse cultures and opportunities.

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Unlock European Mobility with a Portuguese Golden Visa

The Portuguese Residency by Investment unlocks boundless travel to 27 Schengen countries, including Austria, Belgium, Croatia, and more, enriching your life with diverse cultures and opportunities.

0 countries

The Portuguese Residency by Investment unlocks boundless travel to 27 Schengen countries, including Austria, Belgium, Croatia, and more, enriching your life with diverse cultures and opportunities.

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Your Simple Path to Portuguese Residency

Since its inception in 2007, Portugal's esteemed Golden Visa program offers non-EU individuals a straightforward route to residency through transferring capital to an approved investment funds in Portugal. This program not only secures your residency but also draws a clear pathway to Portuguese citizenship in just five years.

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Start with a personalized assessment, leading to a tailored document collection and application process, ensuring a smooth transition.


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Celebrate as you receive your Portuguese Residency Card and Golden Visa, unlocking a new world of opportunities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Expert Answers for Your Journey

The Portugal Golden Visa program is not ending. The pathway to Portuguese citizenship through real estate investment ended on October 7, 2023; however, the Golden Visa program remains open. While real estate investments no longer qualify, it is still possible to obtain a Golden Visa through a capital transfer of at least €500,000 into non-immovable collective investment undertakings incorporated under Portuguese law.

In 2024, Portugal revamped its Golden Visa program, excluding real estate acquisition and capital transfer as qualifying investment options. However, applicants can still meet requirements through various avenues:

1-Investment in Private Equity or Venture Capital: A minimum investment of €500,000 in a fund regulated by the Bank of Portugal or the Portuguese Securities Market Commission.
2-Capital Transfer to a Portuguese Bank: Transferring at least €1.5 million to a Portuguese bank.
3-Job-Creating Investments: Establishing a minimum of 10 jobs in Portugal with full social security contributions.
4-Investing in Portuguese Businesses: Supporting Portuguese commercial sector businesses with a minimum investment of €500,000.
5-Donations Towards Portugal's National Heritage and Art: Donating a minimum of €250,000 to cultural projects.
6-Funding Research Activities: Making a donation of at least €500,000 for research purposes in the private or public sector.

Yes, after maintaining a Portugal Golden Visa for five years through visiting the country only 7 days per year and renewing your residency, you can apply for citizenship or permanent residency in Portugal, leading to a passport. To qualify for citizenship, you must meet certain requirements, including having no outstanding tax payments in Portugal, a clean criminal record from Portugal and your home country, and passing a basic language test in Portuguese.

Portugal Golden Visa program is considered stable and supported by various political parties in Portugal, offering a high standard of living in terms of healthcare, climate, infrastructure, stability, safety, and education. On top of that, The Portuguese golden visa program remains the only route to a European Union passport without a minimum 6-month stay at its investment level. So whether the Portugal Golden Visa is worth it depends on individual circumstances, investment goals, and long-term plans. It is essential to seek assistance from expert consultants and authorized agency like Citizenship Invest.

Removal of Real Estate Investment Options: The program no longer allows any form of real estate investment as a means to obtain the Golden Visa.
Introduction of New Investment Routes: New alternatives include investing in film production in low-density areas for €200,000 and other emerging opportunities.
Renewal Process: The initial residency permit is valid for two years, requiring a minimum physical presence of 14 days in Portugal for renewal.
Citizenship Eligibility: After five years, Golden Visa holders can apply for Portuguese citizenship, with conditions including no outstanding taxes, a clean criminal record, and passing a Portuguese language test.
Effective Date: These changes took effect from October 7, 2023.

Recovering the investment amount made for the purpose of obtaining a Portugal Golden Visa is not possible. The primary goal of the Golden Visa program is to encourage foreign investment in Portugal, rather than providing a means for investors to recoup their investment. However, if the investment is made in a liquid form, such as purchasing investment fund units, the investor could potentially sell those assets after meeting the necessary residency requirements and applying for permanent residence or citizenship.

Renew your Golden Visa effortlessly online every two years, ensuring your path to residency or citizenship remains clear and straightforward.


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