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Citizenship Processing By Citizenship Invest Citizenship Invest is recognized as the leading specialist in Citizenship by Investment Programs. We focus in the fastest forms of legally obtaining an alternative citizenship and passport in a time frame of 4 months.

The applicant and family do not have to reside in the country or give up their current nationality and they obtain the citizenship purely by investment. Some of the forms of investment are the opening of a fix term deposit account, via Real Estate investment or via financial contribution to the countries main industries.

With a long standing reputation within the Immigration industry Citizenship Invest has successfully processed citizenship and passports for clients from over 40 different nationalities.
EU Citizenship and Passport
Citizenship Invest has recently launched the European Citizenship Program of Cyprus through which you could obtain a passport part of the European Union in just 3 months without residing in the country at any point in time. EU passport holders have the right to live and work anywhere within the 28 countries which form part of the European Union. The program is geared towards High Net Worth Individuals with a required investment in Real Estate in Cyprus of EUR 2,500,000 (Two Million Five Hundred Thousand Euros). The investment may be sold after 3 years... Learn More
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Program Benefits

  • Obtain a reputable second passport in 3 to 4 months
  • No need to reside in the country
  • No need to give up your nationality
  • Open to all nationalities
  • You and your family enjoy full and irrevocable citizenship and passport
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Visa-Free Travel

Visa Free Travel Countries

  • Visa free travel to the world (EU, UK, Canada)
  • Instant travel to over 130 countries
  • More countries are constantly added to the list
  • Reputable passports - easy to obtain visas when required
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Tax Advantages

Tax Advantages

  • Generous tax regime - no Wealth, Gift, Inheritance, Foreign Income or Capital Gains Tax
  • No Personal Income tax
  • No restriction on the repatriation of profits and imported capital
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Why a second passport

Why A Second Passport?

  • Insure your family against unforeseeable circumstances
  • Achieve security if your country is politically unstable
  • Establish businesses, open bank accounts and expand investments worldwide
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We had a complex case as we had to leave our country due to political instability, therefore many documents we could not provide. The lawyers at Citizenship Invest are thorough and worked closely with the Government and resolved the issues for our citizenship application to be successful.
Widower, mother of 5 children - Iran
I obtained the Panamanian travel passport within 4 months, I only had to travel to Panama to pick up the passport as everything was done through Citizenship Invest. The best part was the trip to Panama and of course I am now enjoying from not having to cue at Embassies and Consulates to apply for travel visas.
MD of an International Investment Bank - Lebanon
I came across Citizenship Invest by chance, their capacity to follow up on me as I am normally very busy helped me to make up my mind to engage their legal services, otherwise I would have never been able to put the application together in only 3 weeks as I did. My wife, my younger son and I got our passports in 4 months and we are so thankful for their efficiency that we have referred 9 people in a space of 2 months between friends, family and business partners.
Multiple Businesses Owner - Middle East
I found the Citizenship Invest website up on top of the Gloogle search and at first glance I was impressed by the presentation. When I went to their offices in Dubai I was even more impressed with the operation – their ethos is transparency and the office is all white, glass and a lot of light. What made it for me is that the staff is very approachable and very professional. They processed my St Kitts Citizenship within 3 months, impressive all around.
Director of a Bank - Bangladesh

Why Citizenship Invest?

WE KNOW SUCCESS: A successful application depends on various key factor and we know them. Our expertise is how to present your profile to the different Governments in order to obtain positive results. We pre-screen and thoroughly assess our client’s profile to identify any ‘weakness’ which could cause delays on the application process and most importantly that could be detrimental to the success of the file. We pre-empt a problem and find solutions.

BENEFIT FROM OUR EXPERIENCE: We have successfully processed second citizenship for clients from over 30 different countries across Middle East, Europe and Asia. We have come across all scenarios and found solutions for the most diverse issues, therefore our clients benefit from our experience.

WE SPEAK YOUR LANGUAGE:  Our clients feel comfortable. Citizenship Invest possess a multicultural team with English, Arabic, Farsi, Mandarin, Cantonese, French and Spanish Citizenship Consultants.

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