A successful application depends on various key factors. The exposure we have had to thousands of different cases throughout the years, enables us to identify beforehand the flaws of an application and the challenges of a specific case. Our expertise is to pre-empt potential problems and find a solution beforehand to have, as result, only success.


As a first step we assess the client’s motivations and needs to select the best suitable Citizenship by Investment or residency program. We ensure that the client’s nationality and personal circumstances allow him/her to apply for the desired program, otherwise we find an alternative.
At this stage, we prequalify the client citizenship application thoroughly and request a copy of the passport to perform a security check. An application could be potentially rejected due to the following reasons:

  • Criminal offence and has served time in detention
  • Personal or corporate bankruptcy or insolvency liquidation
  • Involved in financial fraud
  • Illegitimate source of funds
  • Investigated by tax authorities
  • Denied a work permit or residency permit in any country
  • Has been deported from any country

If the case presents difficulties, we pre-screen it with the Government beforehand to obtain their approval in principle.
At this stage, the client proceeds to sign our Retainer Agreement and we officially start working on the application.


We assign a specialized Document Officer to each case who helps the client with their document collection. We could obtain most documents on behalf of the client. At this stage, the Document Officer proceeds to prepare a personalized checklist for the client and family members with a detailed list of documents required to prepare a successful application. Please note that each case requires specific documents and, in their absence and when allowed, we prepare Affidavits to explain this to the Government.

Some of the basic documents are the following:

  • Certified copy of your current passport(s)
  • Certified copy of your current national identity card(s)
  • Original excerpt of full birth record or certified copy of full birth certificate
  • Original police certificate(s) from country of citizenship and residence


Once the file is completed, we submit the case to the relevant Ministry of the particular country.

The Government acknowledges receipt of the file and confirming that all documents have been submitted in good form. At this point, the file is sent to the Due Diligence agency appointed by the Government for background checks.


After investigations carried out by the Due Diligence agency are finalized, they issue a report which is reviewed by the Government. At this stage, further support documents could be requested by the to clarify certain points which came up during the background checks. Nowadays, further documents are requested for over 50% of the cases once Due Diligence is finalized, and this is when real challenges arise. It is at this stage that working with an experienced Citizenship Advisory Firm can be the difference between the rejection or approval of the application.

Due Diligence take on average two to three months, although some countries offer an accelerated process for and additional Government fee and the procedure is shortened to approximately five weeks.


Once the Government is satisfied with the documents and the evidence presented, they issue an official Approval Letter. At this stage, the client is requested to transfer the Donation or Investment (whichever the client has selected beforehand) and any applicable Government fee.

Once the client transfers the required payments, we request a copy of the swift issued by the client’s bank to ensure the Government can locate the funds without delays. We liaise directly with the relevant local banks and present all required documents to clear the funds in a timely manner.


Citizenship Certificates are issued approximately one month after the Government confirms receipt of the funds. The Citizenship Certificate must be sealed and signed by a Government authority.

Once the Citizenship Certificates are issued, we proceed to apply for the passports. Passport are issued by the Passport Office which is a different authority to the one which processed the citizenship. The issuance of passports takes one week approximately. In urgent cases we can obtain them within 24 hours.

We receive the Citizenship Certificates and Passports in our offices and handed them over in person to the client. For the client’s convenience we could also couriered them to their country of residence.

Please note that this is a generic step by step guide on the application process, however each country and each program has its particularities. The application process for Residency programs differ from Citizenship programs. For the specific process of how to apply for a particular program, please visit the specific program’s page and go to “Process”.