Benefits of a European education and a Golden Visa

Benefits of a European education and a Golden Visa

22nd March 2023

For any young person, studying abroad is much like having limitless doors being opened to him or her, moreso if the destination is Europe, where there are numerous prestigious colleges and universities to choose from. Each educational institution has a unique offering for students, and the country’s culture and environment enriches the whole experience beyond the learning in the classroom.

Benefits of European education 

Sending your child or children to Europe to obtain their education is one of the best means to prepare for their life ahead.  It’s much like bestowing them with a golden key that will unlock limitless possibilities waiting for them in the world.

World-class education 

Europe boasts of highly respected colleges and universities that are among the world’s best and most respected. These institutions have survived the challenges of time by being attuned to the changes that are happening in the world. Staying relevant amidst the changing landscape has enabled these schools to adapt their curriculum to meet the needs of the student populace.

Wide range of educational options 

There are over 5,000 educational institutions scattered all over Europe. With this many choices, it’s safe to say that there is a college or university for everybody. Whether you are pursuing a bachelor’s degree, a master’s or a doctorate, you will definitely find a college or university that will meet your needs.

Affordable tuition fees 

Tuition in European public institutions is more affordable than those in the US, Canada and Australia. Some countries, like Norway and Iceland, offer free education, provided you meet the criteria.

Cooperation among European educational institutions 

In the 2017 Gothenburg Summit, leaders of the European Union have initiated strategic partnerships across its member nations. By 2024 it aims for the emergence of the European Universities, “consisting in bottom-up networks of universities across the EU which will enable students to obtain a degree by combining studies in several EU countries and contribute to the international competitiveness of European universities.”

To achieve this, the Erasmus+ programme was launched that aims to support education, training, youth and sport in Europe. An estimated budget of €26.2 billion has been set for the programme that will take place from 2021 to 2027.

More than 400 European universities have signed up for this initiative. This involves more than 30 countries, including all of the EU member states, Iceland, Norway, Serbia and Turkey. Students stand to benefit greatly from the multi-country education collaboration that aims to make them future ready and competitive in the job market.

Greater career opportunities 

Getting a degree from a European educational institution opens doors to internships that, in turn, can lead to potential job possibilities for the graduates.  Employment of foreigners is commonplace in Europe, with companies readily absorbing international students into their workforce after graduation.

Experiencing the world at a young age 

The growth that  young people go through as they are given a chance to explore the world by their own parents is an education that goes beyond any degree or diploma. Being equipped educationally while experiencing independence in another country accords the young with life skills that they can definitely use when it’s time for them to take their place in society.

Golden Visa 

One of the best ways parents can give their children the opportunity to receive their education in Europe is through the golden visa. In a nutshell, the golden visa is a country’s residency – by – investment program. Visa holders can live, study and work in that country and with some visas, like the ones of Portugal, Greece and Spain, in all the EU member states.

A golden visa not just allows you and your family visa-free travel to Europe, but more importantly, access the advantages of education and career opportunities available.

Some of the European RBI programmes that can provide you with these are:

Portugal Golden Visa – allows non-EU foreigners the chance to live, study and work in all the Schengen states, the UK and Switzerland for a minimum investment of €280,000 in a real estate property. After five years, visa holders can now apply for Portuguese citizenship. The Portuguese Golden Visa is currently under review and the Parliament will decide the way forward this month.

Greece Golden Visa – for a minimum investment of €250,000 in a real estate property, you can get a five-year residency visa for you and your family. After seven years, you can also apply for Greek citizenship provided you resided there for these years. The visa allows you and your family the right to live, work and study in Greece and visa-free travel to all the Schengen nations.

Spain Golden Visa – introduced in 2013, the program allows non-EU citizens and members of their families the opportunity to obtain a Temporary Residence Permit for a minimum investment of €500,000 in Real Estate allowing them to live and work in Spain. You can also make a €1,000,000 investment in shares in a company or deposit in a Spanish bank. This is ideal for investors. Golden visa holders receive residency permits as well as the freedom to travel to all of the EU Schengen states visa-free for up to 90 days in a 180-day period. You are eligible for permanent residency after living in Spain for five years and the Spanish citizenship after ten years of residence.

Investing in the golden visa program secures not only you but also your children.

To find out more about how you can avail of the golden visa, contact a member of our team, and we will be happy to assist you.


Source - Citizeship Invest