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Citizenship Invest objective is to present relevant and accurate content on the website. The content is gathered by a variety of sources and is available to you as per the accuracy of these sources.

Citizenship Invest is not responsible to you or any party for any errors in the content.  Citizenship Invest assumes no responsibility to you or any third party for any errors of any kind in the Content, and disclaims any guarantee to the success of your application with regards to the information provided on this website. The filling of the request form does not guarantee the acquirement of second citizenship status, permanent resident status, temporary resident status or any other immigration or refugee status. By sending the request form your case will only become subjected to an initial evaluation process by Citizenship Invest’s employees.


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If you have any additional questions regarding your request, please contact one of our specialist consultants at +971 4 457 2330 and they will be pleased to provide you with the necessary assistance.